Excellence in controlling security

About Me

Even when very young I was much interested in computers and programming. I taught myself programming from electronics magazines at the age of 14. My first computer I build myself. At the university, I studied computer science and cognitive psychology, I was using all kind of computers such as the Digital PDP-8, PDP-11, IBM mainframes, Symbolics Lisp machines and of course the first PCs. I programmed a lot in Macro-11, Fortran, APL, C, Lisp, Prolog and ASM.

My master thesis, done at Shell Exploration and Production Lab in Rijswijk, was on AI. For my research I simulated neural networks on Cray supercomputers. Working at Shell was my first introduction into production environments. After several research jobs I got a job at the university of Groningen, teaching and doing research on information management and information security. In that capacity I worked several years for a Department of Defense project on Command and Control systems.

After several years my own cybersecurity consultancy practice grew in such a way that I quit my university job. With vanderVoort Cyber Security I specialize solely in industrial cyber security. My clients today are mostly multinational companies with industrial sites all over the world. The companies that I have worked for and that I have most experience with are from the industrial sectors Oil & Gas, Power generation, Chemical production, Logistics, Water transport and Flood protection.

Today, I am still very interested in the intricate technical complexities of process control but at the same time cybersecurity has me involved in management, organization and psychological aspects of security & safety of industrial systems. Even after all these years I still enjoy this wide spread of engineering disciplines that is involved in striving for excellence in controlling security.